Wadi Rum

Marvel at the boundless energy of Wadi Rum’s amazing landscapes. With its towering rock formations, slender valleys, and infinite skies Wadi Rum is an exclusive getaway inclusive of all. Explore the prehistoric inscriptions carved on even older mountains, forming an ancient combination of man and nature.



Located in one of the most beautiful parts of Jordan, RumSky allows visitors to enjoy the starry nights of Wadi Rum.

Their guided tour program allows you to learn more about the universe we live in. Living in lively cities makes it more difficult to witness the magnificence of the skies and heavens and through the innovation of science, we are able to get a little closer to the hidden wonders of the universe. Stars, planets, nebulae, all are within your reach with RumSky.

Get your competitive juices flowing in Wadi Rum as you witness the high octane speed of camels jetting across the desert sands. Camel Racing is a rather popular sport across the Middle East and is becoming a main attraction to tourists visiting Wadi Rum.

Be awe-struck at the beauty of Wadi Rum from 2,000ft above the the earth’s surface. Located in the Disi area of Wadi Rum, accompanied by our representatives you can take a journey off the beaten path as you get a breathtaking aerial view of “The Valley of the Moon”.The trail takes around 4 -5 hours to complete
Difficulty: Hard

Return to the roots of aviation with this small and versatile aircraft. Fly above the beautiful rock formations of Wadi Rum in an open aircraft with our experienced pilot.

Hospitality is an essential quality of Bedouin culture. In Wadi Rum you can experience the authenticity of a “low cost” Bedouin lifestyle, miles away from “ordinary” life. Get lost in Bedouin tradition that is sure to leave your belly and your soul properly nourished.

The Bedouin people are very friendly to their camels and horses, many even consider them to be extended family. Similar to the likes of Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade, you can glide between the mountain valleys on an equestrian excursion from Wadi Rum to Aqaba; this is sure to be a once in a lifetime experience. Schedule your horseback-riding tour online today.

Prepare for a lively 4×4 jeep tour that will have you traversing sand dunes and breathing in the desert winds at high speeds, as you gasp at Wadi Rums amazing rock formations. Schedule a tour with your camp or through the visitor’s center.



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